Kie Balam Spanish School
Kie Balam Spanish School


Kie Balam offers you the opportunity to experience the Guatemalan warmth and hospitality by living with local Guatemalan families during your studies. The families we work with have many years of experience hosting foreign Spanish school students in Quetzaltenango. Our families have been carefully selected and are capable of hosting students with a variety of needs. They are very friendly and will prepare healthy and hearty meals for their students. Often, these families invite their students to spend time with their extended families during holidays and other special occasions to give the student a unique insight into the culture. Living with a host family is immensely important to truly immerse yourself in the Latin culture and to practice the Spanish language. For the best possible immersion experience we highly recommend that our students stay with host families.

Something you should be aware of when you live with a Guatemalan family: there will be differences to your own home and culture; especially the way you live, your food and living environment. However, we encourage you to approach this positively as a way to learn more about a new culture and customs.

If you are a vegetarian, vegan or have allergies or special dietary restrictions, please let us know, it is not a problem: we will choose the best family to meet your dietary needs.

What is included in your homestay?

All of our families live close to the historic center of Quetzaltenango and to the school so you can easily walk to your classes within 3-10 minutes! In addition, as our families are located close to the school it is easier to meet and go out with your fellow students for various activities.

Note: We highly recommend you to stay with a Guatemalan host family while you are studying Spanish in order to live the whole cultural experience.

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