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Other information about your visit in Xela

Approximate exchange rate: $1 for 7.50 Quetzals (local tender).

The airport in Guatemala City 

The airport in Guatemala City is not very large or complicated, and has been recently remodeled. In the customs area they will stamp your passport. Most entrance visas last 90 days (which can be renewed for the same amount of time at the Mexico boarder or at the Guatemalan Immigration Office (tel. 2411-2411) in Guatemala City). As in any airport your luggage can be checked. During business hours there are banks where you can exchange money or withdrawal cash from an ATM. We suggest you change or withdraw only the amount of money that will be necessary for your trip to Quetzaltenango; Quetzaltenango has many options for money exchange and withdrawal.

Outside of the airport there are always taxis waiting. Before taking a taxi you need to set a price with the driver because Guatemalan taxis do not generally have meters. The cost will be between 50 and 90 Quetzals, depending on the distance. We recommend that you have the exact name and address of your destination readily accessible.

There are different buses that travel to Quetzaltenango, but we recommended only 2 companies for their service: Alamo and Linea Dorada. We also recommend you use the bathroom before your journey as the majority of buses do not have one. The approximate cost is 60 to 80 Quetzals and the trip takes approximately 4 to 5 hours travel time from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango


Alamo - Guatemala City                      Alamo - Quetzaltenango
12 Avenida A 0-65                                14 Avenida 5-15
Zona 7                                                       Zona 3
Tel. 2471-8626                                      Tel. 7767-4582

Hours : 4:30, 6:30, 8:00, 10:15, 12:45, 2:30.
Sunday: 6:30, 8:00, 10:15, 1:45, 15:00

Linea Dorada - Guatemala City          Linea DoradaQuetzaltenango
16 Calle & 10 Avenida                          12 Avenida & 5 Calle
Zona 1                                                 Zona 3  
Tel. 2220-7990                                      Tel. 7767-5198

Hours : 7:00am & 3:00pm

Arriving in Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Generally there are taxis waiting at the bus stations. If you are not able to find one, you can ask in the office. The approximate cost of a taxi within Quetzaltenango is between 25 and 40 Quetzals.

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