Kie Balam Spanish School
Kie Balam Spanish School


With us, you have the opportunity to do volunteer work.

We can seek the appropriate area you desire working in - may it be in the health, education or social work area.

For most of the students, who did volunteer besides learning Spanish, it was a really immersive experience they would not want to miss.

Try it out yourself!

Examples for your participation

Asociación Chico Méndez

Working in a reforestation program in Cantel - planting trees on mountains around Xela and assisting in other programs!


Nuevos Horizontes

Childcare to aid women who experienced domestic violence


Guatemala does rarely offer English at public schools before tertiary education - your chance to teach English to girls at public schools!

Rescate Animal


Fundal is dedicated to people with deafblindness and multiple disabilities.

Students and their families are supported in learning activities without sight and hearing, which otherwise seem to be impossible to do.

Touching and other senses are used to create communication tools that allow them to reach their full potential and independence.

Clinica Jovenes de Maria

The aim of the pastoral hospital is to promote, facilitate and provide promotional services and health care in terms of equity, culturally appropriate and humane treatment.
Accompanying processes for people in health services and community development programs to ensure health care provision as willed by god.

Fundacion Remar

Fundacion Remar is an organization that helps children, adolescents and families with psychological or physical problems.
Some children in the organization are orphans.

The foundation helps them dressing, eating, educating and shows them the love they need.
Also, workshops for social life are given to help advancing their independence.

Finca la Florida

The community farm "Finca la Florida" is located in an area well known for its great natural resources and optimal climate for farming, but it is a very poor region.
During the civil war, members of this community fought for fair labor rights and in the end gained the right to own their own community - La Florida.

The farm is organized as a cooperative: its members work in the morning, in the afternoon they can work on their own crops.

Help growing organic coffee, bananas and macadamia nuts. Get agricultural insights in the growing process. Learn about the fascinating history of this community and the challenges it faced over time.
Visitors can stay in the "big house", the former home of the property owner, and can eat with different families during their stay. To reach the Finca, you will need to take the bus to Colomba.

Centro de Salud

Centro de Salud is a public hospital for people at low income. They offer: consultation, medical examination, immunization and medical treatment of light injuries.

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